The Instagram Book Challenge (For the love of books)

I waded through Gothic clouds of anxiety to other side of my final semester and now I'm set to graduate in September. I have no idea what I am going to do next but I'm considering what I value in life and what challenges I am drawn to. I'm also procrastinating by reading books in the mean time.


My book blogger friend Nafiza started an Instagram Book Challenge. The rules are reblogged from The Bibliophilic Monologues


"So the challenge is to post for 100 days a picture/day of a book that you really love.  And the rules, if one must have them would be:


1. A picture/day of a book you love. (for a 100 days)
2. Use the hashtags #100happybookdays, #reading
3. In a sentence or two, tell us why you love this book.


And that’s it. Oh, also, if you are going to be doing this challenge, let me know in the comments. Or follow me: my instagram is @nafizaaz. Yay!

Think about how many awesome book recs we can get this way!"


You can also follow what I've been reading @Glaiza_echo