Witches, Feminism and Wuthering Heights Retellings

Black Spring - Alison Croggon

This was a very good retelling of Wuthering Heights because it added a layer of insight into the character's obsessions, thoughts and actions. The original characters are just as unlikable as they were in the original tale but I understood them more in this retelling. The magical element brought something sinister to the old Gothic tale. At first, I felt a bit removed from the story because of the framing device. However, once the reader is switched to Lina's perspective and then back to Anna's - I felt like the story began to click for me. I'd recommend reading Karen's review of the book because I agree that the gender and class issues present in the original book are amplified - especially with the way 'witches' are treated through Lina's story arc (originally Cathy in Wuthering Heights). The vendetta element is interesting and fatalistic but perhaps slows the pacing down in the middle. I was hooked in the latter half of the story.