"Next year, I’m going to be conscious, intentional, and critical about the books I choose to buy and read. Because I like measurable goals (and because I think vague “try harder” goals are fairly worthless for me), I’m going to ensure that at least 50% of the books I read next year are written by POC. And I’m going to talk about those books, to rate and review them, to share them with others. …

It is important to learn about and talk about the wider systemic, institutional problems with racism in publishing and society in general. But I cannot be an ally without examining how my own personal choices are reinforcing the oppression I profess to oppose, and then changing those behaviors"

Reblogged from Diversity in YA, from 'Kayla Whaley, “On Privilege and (a Lack of) Diversity on My Bookshelves"' 


I saw this quote and decided to make a POC (People of Colour ) shelf online and found that I had only read approximately 63/463 books that featured characters from diverse backgrounds as main characters/part of the main cast. I read across genres so my count is not limited to YA books. Although, I did not count the manga or books where there were diverse characters with peripheral functions in plot.


I've been reading more diverse books both in 2013 and 2014 so I hope to continue to diversify my own reading habits for the rest of my life.