I really hope they offer Japanese literature next semester at uni, I'm still bummed that they don't offer world literature anymore (its healthy for course conveners to take vacations). I'm still trying to figure out how Booklikes works. I forgot about the timer for drafts and my Retrospective article went up - will post Part 2 up soon.


Book Adaptation Related:


- I'm looking forward to the new season of Sherlock. I remember lamenting that 2014 was so far away after last season ended...I'm seriously considering posting a calendar as my wallpaper.


- I still need to finish the first season of Elementary. The Holmes/Watson dynamic is great in any reincarnation, I just find that the detective-cop feel of American tv shows can sometimes turn predictable but I do want to see how they play with the elements.


- I wonder if I should watch the Hobbit films. I haven't read the book since primary school so I think I need to re-visit that first.